Bishibooru is the first and original booru here to bring you the most male anime/comic images out there. Please adhere to the Rules and ENJOY!
o Copyrighted characters belong to their respected creators and artists.
o Only upload tasteful, high quality art. Pictures will be monitored for quality. Poor quality images and scans will be removed.
o This site is for MALES only. Please refrain from posting any images with females. Images with a mass amount of people in them are ok, as long as the males extremely out weight the females. No hetero coupling!
o Crossdressing guys are ok, Futanari is not! Genderswapping is ok.
o When replying and commenting, be polite. Flaming/rude comments will be removed immediately and your ISP will be banned. Also, think about what you're saying-this is a mature board. Please act so.
o Child pornography: Any photograph or photo-realistic drawing or movie that depicts children in a sexual manner. This includes nudity, explicit sex, implied sex, or sexually persuasive positions.
o Watermarked: Any image where a person who is not the original copyright owner has placed a watermark on the image. (i.e: The DeviantArt logo right in the middle of the picture or the word Sample)I don't mind a link on the bottom or side going to the artist's page.
o Please tag all images correctly with at least 3-5 tags.
o Feel free to report any images that don't follow the rules. Don't be afraid to report images-this helps keep the quality of this board in order.
o If you comment, please post something relative to the image and not just emoticons. Tell us what you like about the image instead of ;b.. (We all know that we're drooling in this harem of hotness).
Enjoy our mascots below, The Bishibooru Boys!
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