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108224: blond_hair blue_eyes irvin_smith shingeki_no_kyojin short_hair solo

luppiluv: Commander Handsome, *le sigh
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92549: 2boys black_hair blond_hair blue_eyes book facial_hair lamp loki_(comics) marvel_comics midlength_hair nail_polish the_avengers thor_(comics) young

Less: Oh my God, it's so sweet, Loki and Thor telling tales to their kid!
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100507: animal armor blue_hair electricity glowing head_band horse long_hair pale ponytail spear weapon

taenas: I swear I saw this before somewhere. I hate this déjà vu feeling, 'sauce anyone?
DizzyKat: "Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao splash art for League of Legends"

According to the description on DA. Added the artist's link!
taenas: OH GEEZ, it was in LoL! Thanks! I knew I saw it.
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100963: bara blond_hair bracelets crossdressing dragonball_z glasses high_heels pen ring shirt sitting skirt solo vegeta

Smugleaf: cHOKES
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101326: absurdres angel blue_hair bracelets clamp crouching feet kujaku official_art rg_veda scan short_hair sleeveless solo staff statue wings

CatBox: Removing the 'bara' tag, because unless that's his name, this guy isn't bara.
Smugleaf: are you telling me we've had a bara tag the entire time

why have I not known
DizzyKat: Yep, though it was called 'muscles' but since other places generally use bara I switched it and made them aliases so if you tag muscles it will change it to bara after you get done.
Smugleaf: oh dang

-bathes in tag-
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76462: 2boys ahoge america axis_powers_hetalia belt blond_hair blue_eyes blush eating glasses jacket purple_eyes russia scarf sweatdrop

Nikikeya: Britain: W-what- RUSSIA!!? What do you think you're doing!!?

Russia: Vhat does it luk like I am duing? I am taking advantage!
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106405: angel animal_ears black_hair blond_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skin blush boots bowl bunny_ears cat_ears dark_skin devil_tail earring elf facial_markings fairy feather feet fin fishnet fish_bowl glasses group headphones head_band horns jeans jewelry loin_cloth long_hair merman midlength_hair midriff monster_boy multicolored_hair no_pupils pale paws pink_eyes pink_hair pixel_art pointy_ears purple_hair red_hair ripped_clothes scar shorts sign slime sneakers suspenders tail tank_top tattoo topless vampire vest werewolf white_hair wristbands yellow_eyes

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Francine: I have a friend who draw very well, I can ask her if she want to do it, if you want. Her dA :
Smugleaf: hhhh I'll ask some of my art friends too then
Francine: I've asked and she is agree so if you want, you can get in contact with her here :
DizzyKat: The names have been selected! Please visit the Wiki page to see them!
Congrats if I used a name you submitted!
Smugleaf: wails loudly
DizzyKat: Is that a good wail or a bad wail? LOL

like man we finally have our mascots ;;u;; how is that bad fhsjsnjfk
DizzyKat: Just checking. ^_^
Anonymous1: Did they get names yet?
Anonymous2: Whoops, nevermind. I didn't read. v.v
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105639: axis_powers_hetalia blond_hair blue_eyes finland flag mouth_open sailor_uniform shorts short_hair sitting smiling solo wink

Nikikeya: Awww Sea-kun! Sealand is soo adorable!!! x3
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