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110756: 3boys arms_crossed belt black_hair blue_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair fingerless_gloves topless

Ranming: I believe this is from "Saint Seiya".
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110671: black_hair brown_eyes brown_hair collar derek_hale dragging gif grey_eyes jacket leash name_drop short_hair stiles_stilinski tail teen_wolf

DizzyKat: It's a gif ^_^
Scias: Heh, I suppose that's what I get for forgetting to re-enable animations.
DizzyKat: No prob. LOL
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109134: armor dead_space gloves gun monochrome offrecord_(artist) plugsuit short_hair solo weapon

DizzyKat: Wow, Glaucon! Nice upload-good variety in there. You trying to compete with me?
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108465: cup dr._platane facial_hair green_eyes lab_coat pokemon solo stubble

Smugleaf: whispers this is not ok
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108326: blue_eyes bust_shot facial_hair necklace nines_rodriguez short_hair spot_color vampire:_the_masquerade vtm:_bloodlines

Scias: Wow, the transparency on this really screws with the thumbnail.
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106991: animal_ears bara black_hair bones gijinka green_eyes hair_grab long_hair mufasa necklace orange_eyes pointy_ears red_hair scar scar_(tlk) siblings the_lion_king topless

CatBox: NOICE~
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