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112180: bara brown_hair disney dreadlocks forest green_eyes loin_cloth long_hair solo tarzan topless tree

CatBox: Is it me, or does his groin area look
DizzyKat: By 'off' if you mean non-existent, then that is a possibility. LOL.
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109842: apron ass blush brown_hair bunny_tail eyes_closed flower heart pokemon solo sparkles spiky_hair tail takeshi

Smugleaf: Im--

I don't even know what to say to this
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106727: back black_hair brown_eyes chains chimney delsin_rowe doubleleaf_(artist) glowing hat infamous jacket looking_back short_hair smoke sneakers tattoo

Anonymous1: Character is: Delsin Rowe, the main protagonist in the "InFamous: Second Son". (Ps4 game.)
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110191: brown_hair dean_winchester grey_eyes realistic supernatural

Smugleaf: god this is fantastic.
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41086: 2boys comic el_shaddai enoch lucifel translation_request wtf

Scias: Is that... a floss pick?
Smugleaf: yes yes it is a floss pick
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110007: brown_hair hp_(artist) scarf sherlock_(drama) sherlock_holmes skull

Ranming: I have a strong feeling that this is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes from the BBC series "Sherlock".
Smugleaf: sobs it is

this picture makes him look sTUNNign
he already is tho
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109296: blue_hair earring highres katekyo_hitman_reborn mask rokudo_mukuro

Ranming: Isn't this from Hitman Reborn?
Smugleaf: YESsss its Mukuro!
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111453: facial_markings high_heels lowres monochrome naruto_(series) pole shorts short_hair tongue uzumaki_naruto

DizzyKat: Hopefully this one is higher quality ^__^
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