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85771: ash_crimson blue_eyes blush hair_over_eyes head_band king_of_fighters pants_down underwear undressing white_hair

ReinAbel: 'Dem thighs...
CatBox: Are we sure this character is male?
Anonymous1: Absolutely yes. This is also canonically confirmed. He's just very androgynous. And in the comic book series, he is described as metrosexual. There are other relatively effeminate male characters in the KoF series like Benimaru, though perhaps not as physically androgynous as Ash. I think the small chest bump may have thrown you off..and maybe the lack of a crotch bulge.
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103001: black_hair bust_shot collar dramatical_murder earring facial_markings gijinka glowing ren short_hair yellow_eyes

luppiluv: "Mommy I want that dog! Pleeeeeeeeease!"
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24333: andrew_(saint_young_men) brown_hair casual facial_hair peter_(saint_young_men) saint_young_men short_hair

Anonymous1: Spelled "Saint" wrong
CatBox: Way to point out the obvious?
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110144: animal feather fighting forest gorilla historical_figure monkey nosebleed paper short_hair thomas_jefferson white_hair

Smugleaf: oh my god this is fantastic
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113044: fighting_stance kurtis_stryker mortal_kombat police solo transparent_background uniform

CatBox: Bishibooru needs moar Stryker. :D
DizzyKat: I'll keep my eye out for you.
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112180: bara brown_hair disney dreadlocks forest green_eyes loin_cloth long_hair solo tarzan topless tree

CatBox: Is it me, or does his groin area look
DizzyKat: By 'off' if you mean non-existent, then that is a possibility. LOL.
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109842: apron ass blush brown_hair bunny_tail eyes_closed flower heart pokemon solo sparkles spiky_hair tail takeshi

Smugleaf: Im--

I don't even know what to say to this
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