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109692: a-drei braid l-elf runa_(artist) valvrave_the_liberator white_hair

Ranming: Runa (るんぁ ):
http://www.zerochan. net/Pixiv+Id+5178675 _a_33

The first twitter account has mostly Valvrave pictures; the second one seems to be for Aldnoah Zero.
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109697: a-drei braid runa_(artist) valvrave_the_liberator white_hair

Ranming: Runa (るんぁ):
http://www.zerochan. net/Pixiv+Id+5178675 _a_33
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83859: black_hair earring facial_hair hat hoodie one_piece short_hair trafalgar_law

jackbond: God he looks so beautiful
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117169: alternate_universe animal blush book brown_hair cat freckles glasses green_eyes hiccup_horrendous_haddock_iii how_to_train_your_dragon kneeling name_drop short_hair sleeves_rolled_up sweatervest tears toothless

aoife: I'm liking this alternate universe of HTTYD. Is there more of this art on tumblr/dA or has it just been by this one artist?
DizzyKat: Yes-I found the tumblr and added it to the source box. BONUS: There's Jack Frost up there too. I'll have to post them soon.
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85771: ash_crimson blue_eyes blush hair_over_eyes head_band king_of_fighters pants_down underwear undressing white_hair

ReinAbel: 'Dem thighs...
CatBox: Are we sure this character is male?
Anonymous1: Absolutely yes. This is also canonically confirmed. He's just very androgynous. And in the comic book series, he is described as metrosexual. There are other relatively effeminate male characters in the KoF series like Benimaru, though perhaps not as physically androgynous as Ash. I think the small chest bump may have thrown you off..and maybe the lack of a crotch bulge.
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103001: black_hair bust_shot collar dramatical_murder earring facial_markings gijinka glowing ren short_hair yellow_eyes

luppiluv: "Mommy I want that dog! Pleeeeeeeeease!"
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24333: andrew_(saint_young_men) brown_hair casual facial_hair peter_(saint_young_men) saint_young_men short_hair

Anonymous1: Spelled "Saint" wrong
CatBox: Way to point out the obvious?
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110144: animal feather fighting forest gorilla historical_figure monkey nosebleed paper short_hair thomas_jefferson white_hair

Smugleaf: oh my god this is fantastic
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113044: fighting_stance kurtis_stryker mortal_kombat police solo transparent_background uniform

CatBox: Bishibooru needs moar Stryker. :D
DizzyKat: I'll keep my eye out for you.
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