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119936: tagme

CatBox: Source please. :)
aoife: From dA user aenaluck:
CatBox: Thanks! ~<3
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109683: glasses h-neun shimizu_(artist) valvrave_the_liberator x-eins

Ranming: Shimizu (しみず) m/

I have no idea why her name on tumblr and twitter is simizo, since the hiragana for her name on Pixiv very clearly says "shimizu".
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109662: a-drei amanogawa_(artist) cape chair valvrave_the_liberator

Ranming: amanogawa (あまのがわ )

Amanogawa is awesome! I like her other Valvrave pictures even more than this one.
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109649: a-drei braid crown hat l-elf military_uniform ruro_(artist) valvrave_the_liberator

Ranming: According to whoever posted this picture on, this picture is by Pixiv 3170174 (Ruro, for those of us who understnad hiragana). This picture certainly looks like her style, but it is no longer on either her Pixiv or Twitter pages.

Ruro (るろ)
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109646: l-elf sara_(artist) tokishima_haruto valvrave_the_liberator

Ranming: Sara (沙羅) ra666
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106489: 2boys belt brown_hair eyes_closed l-elf sara_(artist) short_hair suit tokishima_haruto uniform valvrave_the_liberator white_hair

Ranming: Sara (沙羅)
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109671: a-drei cat_ears l-elf valvrave_the_liberator yue_(artist)

Ranming: Yue (ゆえ)
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109637: black_hair glasses paru_(artist) valvrave_the_liberator x-eins

Ranming: Paru (ぱる):
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