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1592: 2boys belt blush collar hugging multicolored_hair purple_eyes role_reversal sleeveless sweat time_paradox yami_yugi yugioh yugi_mutou

dootsy: Where is Yami Yugi's hand?
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1633: brown_hair glasses hiyama_kiyoteru short_hair vocaloid

Opal: Someone tag this! I need to know who it is! D:
rock_rabbit: done
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1901: blue_eyes blue_hair book cat_ears felpool hand_extended lab_coat leon_geeste pentagram scientist star_ocean

DizzyKat: This is a kid close to my heart! I love Leon, my favorite character from my first RPG.

*glomps and runs*
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1506: chair crossover flower grass heart marvel_comics metalocalypse nathan_explosion sky spiderman_(series) table tea venom_(spiderman)

DizzyKat: This is awesome! I LoL'd sooo hard.
tokimekiwaku: this is absolutely adorable
Anomalouse: JAWSOME
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1206: axis_powers_hetalia blond_hair brown_eyes brown_hair cross feliciano_vargas germany italy necklace sleeping topless translated yaoi

Opal: I'm not very good at Italian (one year in a strictly conversational class), but I believe the text says something along the lines of 'this fabric is very attractive[his shirt]. he who is asleep can't resist.'

REALLY rough but I think it's around there.
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1100: afro alternate_style arm_around_shoulders arnold_(hey_arnold) baseball_cap blond_hair cartoon dark_skin gerald_johanssen hey_arnold title_drop wink

Anomalouse: But his head isn't shaped like a football anymore...
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971: asuka_soryu_langley blue_eyes bust_shot genderswap neon_genesis_evangelion red_hair

Anomalouse: LOVE his expression <3<3<3
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