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2823: beads holding_hands jin mugen samurai_champloo sweat

DizzyKat: This is one of my favorites. It's very emotional and sweet.
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2825: brown_hair cuddling cute hanamura_yosuke persona_4 shin_megami_tensei sleeping souji_seta white_hair

Anomalouse: I love Yosuke's pink underwear
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2597: beach bite coppertone creature footprint glasses hanamura_yosuke parody persona_4 shin_megami_tensei swimsuit tanline teddie

Anomalouse: Jesus tapdancing Christ he looks like my aunt
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2160: glasses original red_hair yellow_eyes

dootsy: Is this Akaito? It looks like him, but the glasses...
Speck: It's an OC. I don't know the artist though.
Speck: Oh look, a pixiv link. Derp.
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1508: blush chibi comic daniel_dreiberg dc_comics glasses midriff oyaji reading rorschach scarf shirt_lift trenchcoat watchmen

dootsy: One thing that's always bothered me about this image is that Rorschach's face doesn't change in every panel. Still a cute comic, though.
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1592: 2boys belt blush collar hugging multicolored_hair purple_eyes role_reversal sleeveless sweat time_paradox yami_yugi yugioh yugi_mutou

dootsy: Where is Yami Yugi's hand?
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1633: brown_hair glasses hiyama_kiyoteru short_hair vocaloid

Opal: Someone tag this! I need to know who it is! D:
rock_rabbit: done
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1901: blue_eyes blue_hair book cat_ears felpool hand_extended lab_coat leon_geeste pentagram scientist star_ocean

DizzyKat: This is a kid close to my heart! I love Leon, my favorite character from my first RPG.

*glomps and runs*
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1506: chair crossover flower grass heart marvel_comics metalocalypse nathan_explosion sky spiderman_(series) table tea venom_(spiderman)

DizzyKat: This is awesome! I LoL'd sooo hard.
tokimekiwaku: this is absolutely adorable
Anomalouse: JAWSOME
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