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33963: animal bird blond_hair cape flying hood jewelry long_hair multiple_wings red_eyes ring scythe solo weapon wings

Marla: voted up for that flying zombie-like-thingy. I like that image.
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33687: 2boys bed black_hair blush brown_hair green laying_down pokemon red sheets translated

nekonyan: Translation:

Red: Not there.
Green: Oh? Where?
Red: Wrong ... a bit lower ...
Green: Okay... ah, Red. A little to the right.
Red: Woah
Green: Ah, here?
Red: Quiet...
nekonyan: I mixed up left with right, but it doesn't make a bit of difference.
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33515: 4boys autumn black_hair brown_hair gijinka glasses red_hair spring summer white_hair winter

rokuro: This is absolutely adorable.
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33492: ahoge axis_powers_hetalia blond_hair brown_hair bunny_ears feliciano_vargas germany hand_on_waist italy necktie suit

Wintergreenink: Those suits, those bunny ears, and those expressions. They're so cute! Extremely cute!
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33204: 2boys arisato_minato armband back_to_back black_hair blue_hair headphones mochizuki_ryoji persona_3 scarf school_uniform sharing sitting

Wintergreenink: Very nice. I love pictures of people sharing headphones.
Scias: Huh, I've seen several along that theme but I didn't realize we had a tag for it.
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33087: armband brown_eyes brown_hair earth hand_on_waist long_hair long_sleeves ponytail school_uniform solo stars

Wintergreenink: Wow, I completely love this picture. His hair, his eyes, his expression, his pose, his clothes. It's all great.
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33160: abstract altair_ibn-la'ahad amir_zand_(artist) armband assassin's_creed assassin's_creed_1 bird gloves hood knife solo weapon

Anubis: These are gorgeous
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31523: blue_eyes blue_hair hair_over_eye minato_arisato nosebleed persona_3 solo translated

Scias: "Fortune aids/assists the strong."
Is this perhaps related to >>19834 ?
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7075: 0079 2boys blond_hair char_aznable garma_zabi mobile_suit_gundam purple_hair translated

Scias: The Latin is, roughly, "The wounds struck/inflicted by Fortune"
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