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92905: blood blue_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair crossover jude_mathis long_hair purple_hair ripped_clothes shackles short_hair sword tales_of_vesperia tales_of_xillia yuri_lowell

Rora: Character tag added. Guy on the left is Jude, from the upcoming Tales of Xillia!
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96298: blond_hair hanamura_yosuke persona_4 school_uniform short_hair sleeping

taenas: That.. looks like the MC's jacket, from Persona 4, isn't it? I think this is Yosuke. Now shure tho
taenas: Not* shure. Eh.
Rora: Yup, Yosuke! Added. That's the school uniform from Yasoinaba High.
I'd include Seta/Yu in there too (I'm about 100% sure that's him) but he's only like, half in the picture, so :|
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63458: brown_hair crowd hand_extended hat magic:_the_gathering realistic short_hair sunlight sword

CatBox: source added. ;]
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86267: brown_eyes brown_hair bust_shot collar curly_hair facial_markings long_hair

SapphireSiren: Is there a source or a character name for this image? Or a character with the same hair and maybe some dead-ish looking eyes?
aoife: Added the artist source, however it looks like he deleted the image. Not sure if OC or official character though
alquamire: Character is Kamoril, an OC by Anndr. There's plenty of him in her gallery.
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83957: ace_attorney airplane bald beard briefcase brown_eyes facial_hair gavel hammer judge_(ace_attorney) sky

holderoftheheart: The Judge has a body! When did that happen?
Glaucon: He recived one around the time of Investigations. It was a joyous occasion for all.
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59358: 3boys blond_hair blue_eyes cloud_strife final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii flower gloves grey_hair long_hair rufus_shinra sephiroth short_hair

Enigmatic: I'm tempted to do an rp with these three or even a fourth original character... I think I'm messed up -shakes head-
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95597: anthro bloody_roar claws fangs fingerless_gloves official_art vest yugo

taenas: Good times. Still playing 1 and 2 sometimes. Never gonna stop.
DizzyKat: I love this game. It's definitely my favorite fighting game along Guilty Gear. I'm surprised it doesn't have more of a following though, especially from the Anthro community. Unless there is and I just haven't found them yet.
taenas: I tried to look around on Pixiv, it's terrible, low number of pics and none is note worthy. Too bad. I wonder why. Xion is a very potential bishi character, sin't he?:D or even the Raven
DizzyKat: I would think so, I mean he reminds me of a prettier version of Dante from DMC-if that makes sense. A lot of the characters look very worthy to me. Like Long and Shenlong(The tigers) would be good examples. This game definitely deserves more attention than it's gotten. The game play and graphics are amazing too.
CatBox: I'll have to make some stuff some time. :3
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96220: animal_ears anthro back bara blue_eyes grey_hair long_hair looking_back pretty_cure solo tail underwear wolfrun wolf_ears wolf_tail

Diamondplanet: I'm not even a furry and I think Wolfrun is sexy.
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88475: bara blond_hair blue_eyes bouquet flower necklace rose shirt_open short_hair solo

Ofelie: Is it Squall? I think it's Cloud with Squalls necklace...
CatBox: Doesn't look like Squall, no.
Glaucon: It looks rather like Emperor Mateus, actually...
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