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109952: artist_request moon open_shirt sword white_hair

DarkPrince17: Is that Alucard from Castlevania Lords of Shadow?
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39939: disney dual_persona fangs gijinka green_eyes monsters_inc name_drop pixar purple_hair randall_boggs

Anonymous1: Randall is gorgeous! Who is the artist?
Smugleaf: I've found the source, but the Pixiv account is now private. :/ you cant view any of their artwork now.
Anonymous2: Oh that's too bad. :(
Anonymous3: What is the name of the pixiv account?
Smugleaf: the link is in the source box!
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94439: 2boys black_hair blue_eyes brown_eyes dark_skin hoodie isaac_lahey red_hair scott_mccall short_hair teen_wolf white_background

tobiismycat: why is poor issac never tagged
Smugleaf: you are free to tag him in! I don't know the series, and any member can edit the tags to add something if something is forgotten.
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103062: animal_ears bat_wings black_hair claws gijinka long_hair lord_of_the_rings scaly_skin shirt_open smaug tail the_hobbit wings

Karn: Smaug looks a lot like Sherlock...
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78157: belt blue_eyes detached_sleeves hair_over_eye horns licking midlength_hair multicolored_hair pokeball pokemon stripes tongue wings

DizzyKat: I'm assuming this is a gijinka because he's licking a pokeball, but I have no idea which pokemon he'd be.
davinvalk: Crobat?
Scias: If it weren't for the wings and horns, I'd say it could be an OC trainer or something... do you know where you got this from?
DizzyKat: What about Gliscor? Otherwise I think Crobat is probably the best bet.
I got it off a thread on 4chan months ago. I SauceNao'd it and Tineye and did the Multi-Image search through the boorus and nothing....hmmm
Scias: Zweilous, perhaps?
DizzyKat: Confound this Gijinka! LOL
Grell-Sutcliff: I was gonna say shiny charizard, but those stripes and wings are throwing me off. XD
aoife: It's an OC trainer by TotodileYan on dA
Smugleaf: tags updated, source added.

I couldnt find the actual source on the user's dA page, though.
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119936: tagme

CatBox: Source please. :)
aoife: From dA user aenaluck:
CatBox: Thanks! ~<3
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