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104225: brown_hair glowing short_hair solo white_shirt

DizzyKat: Really liking this artist's style so I found the sauce...and shared :)
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43633: blue_eyes blue_hair cartoon facial_hair finger_on_mouth gijinka monsters_inc necktie pixar sully suspenders

Anonymous1: Wow, beautifully done! Who's the original artist?
DizzyKat: Added the Pixiv link for you
Anonymous2: Thank you!
DizzyKat: Not a problem, Anon. Enjoy!
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104438: ass black_hair blond_hair bulge bunny_ears bunny_suit bunny_tail crossdressing facial_hair fishnet hand_on_hip midlength_hair raiden title_drop vamp waiter wolfina_(artist)

Smugleaf: Bunny suit is definitely not Vamps best side ^^"
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106167: aomine_daiki blue_hair dark_skin eyes_closed hugging insect kuroko_no_basket shorts short_hair smiling young

CatBox: So, in this series there is a boy who loves a cicada?
Anonymous1: Honestly, I have no idea what the cicada thing about.

Anyone want to enlighten us?
Smugleaf: I have no idea either. I don't think there's any exact connection between it. Although I did find out he hates bees. Nothing about cicadas.
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106120: anbu dual_persona eye_contact face_to_face gloves grey_hair hair_grab hatake_kakashi head_band kunai mask naruto_(series) sensei97_(artist) short_hair

aoife: Sweat? Wet? Cum?
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85176: against_a_wall bowtie brown_hair crossover doctor_who eleventh_doctor eye_contact face_to_face sherlock_(drama) sherlock_holmes short_hair suspenders the_doctor

Diamondplanet: Never seen Sherlock but god do i love Eleven's expression.
Smugleaf: For some reason I can see this happening.

Except I'm not sure how Sherlock would take the news when he finds out the doctor is an alien...
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105653: 2boys blond_hair brown_hair eye_contact irvin_smith kneeling levi no_background shingeki_no_kyojin short_hair sitting

Smugleaf: This is Irvin Smith, not Jean Kirschtein. ouo;; gonna change the tag...
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106060: black_eyes blue_hair free! nanase_haruka no_background shirt_open short_hair solo swimsuit

Smugleaf: ugh yES MY TSUNDERE BABY
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105412: assassin's_creed black_hair blond_hair dark_skin doctor dual_wielding eyepatch fingerless_gloves fusion gun hood kingdom_hearts mask shield spear syringe vexen white_hair xaldin xemnas xigbar

Scias: Thank you!
DizzyKat: Anytime!
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