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107636: animal_ears anthro black_eyes black_hair cigarette hat short_hair

CatBox: Hm, maybe something new along the lines of Bloody Roar?
DizzyKat: From what I understand it's going to be a comic ??? Not 100% though-posted the source link.
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73058: blond_hair cravat glasses gothic pointy_ears priest suit sword

Anonymous1: When did Phoenix Wright become a Vampire?
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106511: black_hair blond_hair boxers eren_jaeger jean_kirschtein shingeki_no_kyojin shorts short_hair suspenders uniform

DizzyKat: BTW, I added Shingeki no Kyojin to the alias list, so that if you type in Attack on Titan instead, it'll default to Shingeki no Kyojin for you. So type in whichever is easier for you.
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106203: belt dead_rising dutch_angle fish glasses multicolored_hair necktie nicocco_(artist) red_eyes short_hair solo suit

Scias: Is this fanart?
Smugleaf: I guess i would assume so, since it says "dead rising" over it. Maybe its an original character though? kind of like an AU scenario. It certainly doesnt look like the main characters, so.
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21897: 2boys bleach brown_hair colorful dark_skin kurosaki_ichigo red_hair sado_yasutora tears younger

Sasha_Ren: This image doesn't make sense.
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104225: brown_hair glowing short_hair solo white_shirt

DizzyKat: Really liking this artist's style so I found the sauce...and shared :)
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43633: blue_eyes blue_hair cartoon facial_hair finger_on_mouth gijinka monsters_inc necktie pixar sully suspenders

Anonymous1: Wow, beautifully done! Who's the original artist?
DizzyKat: Added the Pixiv link for you
Anonymous2: Thank you!
DizzyKat: Not a problem, Anon. Enjoy!
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104438: ass black_hair blond_hair bulge bunny_ears bunny_suit bunny_tail crossdressing facial_hair fishnet hand_on_hip midlength_hair raiden title_drop vamp waiter wolfina_(artist)

Smugleaf: Bunny suit is definitely not Vamps best side ^^"
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106167: aomine_daiki blue_hair dark_skin eyes_closed hugging insect kuroko_no_basket shorts short_hair smiling young

CatBox: So, in this series there is a boy who loves a cicada?
Anonymous1: Honestly, I have no idea what the cicada thing about.

Anyone want to enlighten us?
Smugleaf: I have no idea either. I don't think there's any exact connection between it. Although I did find out he hates bees. Nothing about cicadas.
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