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107932: aiichiro_nitori blue_eyes free! grey_hair hat mole sailor_uniform short_hair solo stuffed_animal wink

Smugleaf: hhhhhhh, I'm pretty sure his name is Aaichiro Nitori, not Nitadori.... I'm gonna change all the tags if you dont mind....
Smugleaf: ah, i mean aiichiro - ^ -
Francine: Yes, it's strange, all the pictures I've found were on the name "Aiichiro Nitadori... But I've verified, and you're right ! Thanks for pointing this !
Smugleaf: no problem I'm obsessed with this show tbh ; v ;
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106508: alternate_style blood chest_hair earring green_hair grey_eyes injured jewelry one_piece roronoa_zoro short_hair

Colorless_Scream: Awesome! So Zoro and yet...somehow not. I like this style a lot!
DizzyKat: Yeah-I thought the same thing. It's very similar to the canon style but way more detailed.
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9284: 2boys akatsuki covering_eyes hoshigaki_kisame kisame_hoshigaki lily_(artist) naruto topless towel uchiha_itachi

Anonymous1: Somehow...that is so cute that Kisame would be embarrassed...

I'm so strange....
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106929: armor bara blue_hair fin fish long_hair merman monster monster_boy underwater

DizzyKat: Source added!
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106536: brown_hair crossover fangs glowing_eyes green_eyes levi plugsuit shingeki_no_kyojin short_hair teeth

LittleSheikah: Hey that's not Shinji! It's Levi/Rivalle from Shingeki No Kyojin with Shinji's plug suit. .
Smugleaf: changed! ^^
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107854: 2boys blush freckles jean_kirschtein laughing marco_bodt monochrome shingeki_no_kyojin short_hair whispering

Smugleaf: FEELINGS. ;AAA;
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97038: black_hair gold gun gun_to_head hoodie jigglypuff pokemon short_hair sitting sketch tied_up weapon

KickingBucketss: I...what. no.
Rora: You WILL listen to the song ⊙‿⊙
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