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117042: arms_crossed blush boxers jewelry mouth_open necklace pink_hair short_hair solo stripes topless tsundere underwear

DizzyKat: Why does this remind me of an older Dark Heart from the Carebears movie in the 80s?
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114270: angel animal armor brown_hair dragon feather frills glowing hair_over_eyes midlength_hair monochrome stripes wings

DizzyKat: His wings are on his lower back? How would that even work? Cool character design though.
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114091: bara blue_hair dark_skin hinahoho long_hair magi ponytail scar smiling stubble very_long_hair yellow_eyes

DizzyKat: I don't know who he is but he has everything I like.
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110307: brown_eyes brown_hair curly_hair guitar hat jewelry lute musical_instrument necklace short_hair solo

DizzyKat: I know this musical instrument isn't a guitar, but it's too small to be a sitar, so if someone knows, please update the tag. <3
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110364: bandages black_hair blood cross glasses gothic jewelry necklace original painted_nails short_hair solo tattoo

DizzyKat: This artist deactivated their account so I can't give you a source. Sorry!
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110329: bracelets grey_hair jewelry musical_instrument necklace short_hair solo violin

DizzyKat: Artist Source added per request :)
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123433: hanamaru touken_ranbu

Anonymous1: very cute
DizzyKat: Agreed!
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