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88788: 3boys bang_yong_guk baseball_bat black_hair chains chibi hat hoodie jacket kpop multicolored_hair necktie short_hair skateboard tank_top transparent_background youngjae zelo

Anonymous1: Здравствуйте, предлагаем Вам услуги комплексного продвижения вашего сайта, подробнее с нашими услугами Вы можете ознакомиться по ссылке Извините за беспокойство.
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110179: gothic long_hair pale solo venlian_(artist) victorian_clothing white_hair

DizzyKat: I think I found the artist page, or at least a bunch more of their illustrations. So hopefully that helps, if not, let me know and I'll search further :)
davinvalk: I think this is it:
DizzyKat: Thanks!!!
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46844: black_hair chalkboard classroom close_up drawing original pen school_uniform short_hair yellow_eyes

Anonymous1: Этот чай уникального пурпурного цвета, вот уже более шести тысяч лет выращивается в самых высоких горах на земле - Непале и Тибете и используется в разнообразных медицинских целях, а сейчас засчёт огромного набора полезных свойств заслуженно набирает популярность во всём мире.
Пурпурный чай - это мощнейший жиросжигатель, который к тому же препятствует возникновению новых отложений, превращая жир в энергию.
Официальный сайт:
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110087: blue_eyes feminine grey_hair helmet hp_(artist) solo

DizzyKat: Artist added :)
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109860: 2boys belt blond_hair blue_eyes kagamine_len long_hair necktie paperwork short_hair vocaloid white_shirt

Ranming: Is this not from Vocaloid?
DizzyKat: Yep, I believe with a genderbend as well.
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109564: bandages bara blond_hair blue_hair brown_eyes brown_hair exotic_clothes facial_markings group japants_(artist) katana long_hair pink_hair ponytail red_eyes scar short_hair sword tagme thighhighs traditional_clothing weapon white_hair

DizzyKat: Is this an anime or game? I like the designs of the characters and I've not seen these guys in my travels. Any help would be greatful.
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109558: bust_shot cdash817_(artist) grey_eyes ishida_mitsunari realistic sengoku_basara short_hair solo white_hair

DizzyKat: I just can't see how people can paint like this on computers. It blows my mind. I mean this is so good it's reminiscent of famous paintings from the past. Watching videos of people coloring is very addicting.
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67585: devil_survivor grey_eyes midlength_hair solo white_hair

Kyuubey: Is this devil survivor 2?
Anonymous1: yes
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109952: artist_request moon open_shirt sword white_hair

DarkPrince17: Is that Alucard from Castlevania Lords of Shadow?
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