12/14/16 - Doesn't something seem...different? Oh yeah! ALL THAT SCRIPT JUNK AT THE TOP OF ALL THE PAGES IS GONE! 
Now we can get back to posting like normal.
Also the page may be slow because there's a lovely developer doing some magic behind the scenes as well. If you get a timeout error-I think it's 504-just refresh the page and it should work. :)

08/08/13 - Special thanks to Lyxven ( http://lyxven.deviantart.com/ ) for pixeling up all of these lovely counter boys! And YOU get to name them. I've uploaded a picture with them all up there and featured it below on the left panel. Feel free to comment on them and suggest names for them!

08/08/13 - If it hasn't been quite as clear before, most of these pictures if not all of them are not posted by the original artists. To see the artist's other works, use the link in the 'Source' box in your browser and it should take you there. If you want to know who the artist is, just ask in the comments and we'll do our best to help you!
You know all those 'Harem' templates you find on 4chan or in the other depths of the internet? Well, I made one for Bishies! It may have been done already, but I couldn't find one to link so I made my own. Here's the link:(( http://tinyurl.com/3c7wofx )) Feel free to repost & share anywhere you like and post your completed Harem at our Facebook page!